Wednesday, April 9, 2008


i guess i have to blog about technology. you know what i think about technology? i like it. and for all you people who don't like it, then stop reading this. because if it weren't for technology, you wouldn't be reading this. instead, you would be reading a book next to a candle. and that's only if you had the technology for a printed book and a wax candle. if there was absolutely NO technology, then you'd be wearing animal skin and living in a cave. today, we have cell phones and internets and webcams and all that fancy stuff. some people say things like, "oh, there was a time when there weren't any cell phones and internets and they got through life". they may've gotten through life, but their lives probably sucked. i mean, they probably didn't mind it, but now that we have all this stuff, why live without it? people from a hundred years from now are probably gonna think that we had it bad. "those people in the early 2000's didn't have jetpacks? how did they live their lives?!" i can go on forever, but i'd rather not.

finding feeds.

what do i think about the finding feeds experience? i think it's really difficult to keep my attention on this subject to its high level of boringness. none of this stuff even interests me a little bit. and i think i speak for everyone when i say that. it may be fun to blog about things that are interesting, like current events, but no one's going to care about who thinks what method of finding feeds is the easiest and the hardest.

RSS feeds.

i think the RSS and newsreaders are pretty convenient. if you're a frequent internet user, the feeds will definitely come in handy. instead of typing in a website you like every time you'd like to visit it, you can just click on it instead. this can save a lot of time at work, too. just think about all the time you waste typing out the URL of the website you wanna visit. it adds up. especially if you're a slow typer.


this is my friend, the clock. it likes to go really slow.
this was an easy excercise. flickr is a good place to organize my photos.

my friend, flickr

this is the photo that i found on flickr and uploaded it to my blog. arby's is my life.

seven and a half habits.

i think the hardest habit for me would be to accept problems as a challenge. when a problem arises, it's a problem and it gets in the way. the easiest habit would definitely be playing. what's easier than playing?